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The Kreativ Akademie has the exclusive license for the internationally performed speechless. improv format and we are excited to offer public speaking corporate workshops, which include your companies’ very own speechless. experience. 

This workshop includes group improvisation exercises, which boost confidence, listening skills and teamwork. The participants learn how to stay positive in the world of the unknown and how to present with confidence, without knowing what the next slide will bring. 

Format Description: 

This format consists of six to eight brave presenters who perform a speech one after another. The trick is that they don’t know which type of speech they will be performing, nor what slides will come up during their presentation. The speechless. wheel of fortune decides between topics like product launch, scientific discovery, Ted Talk or door-to-door sales pitch. The jury amongst the audience awards points after every presentation until the winner is crowned at the end of the show. Those who try speechless. in front of an audience once, won’t worry about their next presentation at work, in school or in front of a public audience. 

This corporate workshop ends with a show, which will surely leave your team members speechless. 



A social media post has an average life span of max. 24 hours. To keep your audience and your customers engaged you will need a constant production of new fast-media materials. 

We train marketing team members to be able to create a constant stream disposable media, in-house. The course includes an update on the newest social media trends, techniques and technicalities, as well as the practical elements of shooting and editing short videos and photos. 

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