Improv theatre for Kids

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For kids ages 9-12 years

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*This course is taught exclusively in English.*

Improv theatre offers a playful and creative approach to theatre and the performing arts, focusing on active participation rather than passive consumption. In every child there are creative thoughts and ideas that often find no place in everyday life. In improvised theatre, children can develop their personality, give free rein to their imagination and learn to appreciate ideas and express them confidently. Through collaboration and mutual trust, we invent stories and concepts off the cuff.

Various games and exercises encourage imagination and confident creative expression of one’s own ideas. Inspiration, spontaneity and empathy support the removal of inhibitions and blockades. In addition, humour, language, sensitivity and confidence are increasingly strengthened in a relaxed way.

Improv theatre also means pure playfulness for everyone, because through this communal experience the children come to terms with their own wishes, interests and dreams. No texts are prescribed or written down, in this form of theatre it is a matter of listening, watching and reacting creatively.

At the end of this course, on 21st December 2021, there will be a performance for parents, siblings, family members and friends.

Here is a little insight into an Improv Session ↓


Event Details

Start date: 26. Oktober 2021

End date: 21. Dezember 2021

Start time: 16:30

End time: 18:00

Venue: Technopark Vaduz