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Die Tobelhockerin 2016 – Short Film

  • Production Company: Showtime Establishment, Liechtenstein.
  • Directed: Sabina G. Kufner
  • Produced by: Andy Konrad, Marcel Beck, Sabina G. Kufner
  • Director of Photography: Marcel Beck
  • Camera Assistant: Stefan Beutler
  • Starring: Kirstin Fischer (Greta), Andy Konrad (Schaller), Roland Schroll (Luis), Rike Wagner, Katja Langenbahn, Leander Marxer
  • Sound Recordist: Stefan Kaufhold
  • Edit and Color Grade: Marcel Beck


Greta and Louis are a couple around 30 years old and are on the best way to grow apart. While Greta wishes for more attention from Louis, he pursues his favorite hobby with all his passion – the search for the supernatural. When Louis proposes to Greta to spend a weekend together in a romantic hotel in the Liechtenstein Alps, Greta believes that this is the opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air into their relationship. But Louis only booked this trip to look for one of the legendary Liechtenstein mythical figures: the Tobelhockerin.

On his hunt for new, unknown phenomena he came across an old Liechtenstein saga book. In it he found the story of the Tobelhocker. Those figures who betrayed people other than witches during the time of the burning of witches. It is said that the bad conscience pursued these reputation killers until madness drove them into the Lawenatobel. There they have now been sitting around a stone table for several centuries, dumb and staring – because their hearts also became hard as stone and their mouth of lies remained closed forever.


Genre: Horror / Thriller
Year: 2016
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Language: German
Country: Liechtenstein


IndustryBOOST Competition 2016, 2018

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016