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What is Improv ?

Improvised storytelling happens on the spot and only exists for one shared moment between the improvisers on stage and the audience. All lines, characters, set and direction are created collaboratively and creatively. 

“Expect the unexpected” is the moto of Improv Theater 

The magic of this theatre genre is the experience of watching characters come to life in front of your eyes and how they meet and react to others. Love and hate appear, happy and sad times happen, but everything always finds an ending, happy or sad and everything in between.  

Video credit: Lena Försch – Der Kaktus Improvisation und Theater 


The speechless. improv format takes away the stress of public speaking. This show format consists of six brave presenters who perform a speech one after another. The trick is that they don’t know which type of speech they will be performing, nor what slides will come up during their presentation. The speechless. wheel of fortune decides between topics like product launch, scientific discovery, Ted Talk or door-to-door sales pitch. The jury amongst the audience awards points after every presentation until the winner is crowned at the end of the show. Those who try speechless. in front of an audience once won’t worry about their next presentation at work, in school or in front of a public audience. 

Maestro Impro™

Meastro is one of the most internationally beloved improv formats. This show format is a playful competition between ten improvisers. Every performer wears a bib with a number, which coincide with numbers in a hat held by the directors. Each round the directors pull 2-4 numbers out of the hat. The performers wearing those numbers jump up on stage and get given a task, a scene suggestion or an inspiration from the audience. The audience gets to give each scene a score between 1-5, which is kept track of on a leaderboard next to the stage. Each round ends once all performers have been on stage once. A minimum of two performers with the lowest scores get eliminated each round until the Maestro of the night is crowned. 

Interested ?

Improv develops your confidence and creativity and teaches you public speaking skills in an unforgettable fashion! Our course programme caters for kids, teens, adults, companies and schools. 

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