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Maestro Impro™

The Kreativ Akademie has the exclusive license for the internationally performed Maestro Impro™ Format. 

This programme is specifically applicable for school groups who would like to develop teamwork, confidence and lasting positivity. 

Format Description:

This show format is a playful competition between ten improvisers. Every performer wears a bib with a number, which coincide with numbers in a hat held by the directors. Each round the directors pull 2-4 numbers out of the hat. The performers wearing those numbers jump up on stage and get given a task, a scene suggestion or an inspiration from the audience. The audience gets to give each scene a score between 1-5, which is kept track of on a leaderboard next to the stage. Each round ends once all performers have been on stage once. A minimum of two performers with the lowest scores get eliminated each round until the Maestro of the night is crowned. 

This Workshop will train pupils to perform this elimination game on stage in front of an audience. There will be a multitude of roles to participate, such as performers, scorer, tech or directing, every role is essential in an improv show. 


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